SEARCH! – Avalanche Rescue

Find Your Buddy Fast!

You’ve got some serious freeriding or ski touring chops. Regularly cruising with your crew, and so far, it’s been smooth sailing. Keep it up!

But hey, if things ever go sideways, and your ski buddy gets “stuck” in an avalanche, time is of the essence. This workshop is your chance to amp up those skills! Because mastering the “worst-case” scenario is crucial, even for the seasoned pro. That’s the only way to stand a chance.

Workshop Contents:

  • Refresher/Crash Course in Avalanche Rescue Procedures
  • 2 Prepared Avalanche Fields
  • __ No. 1 Simple – Single Burial
    We’ve set up an avalanche field simulating a classic skier-triggered avalanche (medium to large slab) ==> Find Mr. Olsson, a life-sized dummy, in under 15 minutes! Many focus solely on the “fine search” with their device, which is too easy and gives a false sense of security. Here’s a unique opportunity to gain routine and confidence in the entire avalanche rescue process: Signal search, coarse search, fine search, probing and shoveling, first aid, helicopter rescue. It’s the whole shebang!
  • __ No. 2 Complex – Multiple Burial
    If things get even trickier with 2 people buried, you’re toast without practice. Now, it’s your job to rescue Mrs. Popov and Mr. Eriksson buried under the snow! We’ll walk you through the process, and then it’s your turn to train.


Feel free to use your own gear or test out the LATEST devices from Pieps, Mammut, or Ortovox!

Directly compare the various devices on the market now and in the future. A one-of-a-kind opportunity.

You can also check out and trigger the latest avalanche backpacks and pick up the newest tips and tricks from the manufacturers.

Location: Test Village Alpstübli, Trübsee Engelberg

Duration: Available between your runs, during lunch, or as a day-capper. Approximately 65 minutes.

Places Available!


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