FLY! – Ski and Fly – Friday morning

Powder from Above: Ski & Fly Workshop Opens the Doors to Ski-Flying Adventure!

Don’t have a license to fly yet? No problem, now you can try it under professional instruction!

When it’s green below, you often end your ski tour or freeride descent too early. The tedious foot descent is unfortunately becoming more common in the future with the “modern winter” and its global warming.

With a lightweight single skin (max. 2kg including harness), you too can comfortably fly with your skis to the Après Ski or the next powder run in the future.

At the Ski & Fly Workshop, we introduce you to this new world and provide you with a springboard to learn this fascinating possibility.

On a practice slope at Trübsee, you will learn the essential basics of equipment and weather, starting with skis, flying, and landing. If you’re talented, you can also experience the feeling of half-flying and half-skiing.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours // Instructor: SHV Flight Instructor

  • Training block “Material & Theory” (brief)
    • Paragliding in general
    • Single skins for Ski & Fly
    • Harness
    • Wind & Weather Basics
  • Application flights
    • Start preparation
    • Independent takeoff with skis
    • Flight experience
    • Landing with skis
    • Possible skiing/flying or touch-and-go

Between flights (approx. 100 vertical meters), you climb back up with the skins. If things go well, you can make 3-4 takeoffs and flights.


  • No flight knowledge or training required
  • Good skiing technique
  • Condition for a 300-meter ascent with skins

Did the introductory day spark your interest? The “Ski & Fly” entry is the ideal start to your flight training to later achieve such goals:

2 Places Available!